Mon Fashion Diary: Black


‘Really, Black, Again?’
I hear it all the time. ‘Really, Black, Again?’ Yes, I choose for black again today! I choose for it because it makes me happy, because I love it. Black is rough, black is chic, black is beautiful. It has no limits and you can combine it with nearly everything! Most of the people think that wearing black on the outside is showing the damange on the inside. But there are also people that think that people that wear often black are save-players. And that hurts, because there is nothing more difficult, than wearing black all the time and look great. I have a lot of black items in my closet, for an outsider it will be all the same, but for me it’s all different. You can never have enough red dresses, white jackets or colorfull T-shirts, so why can you have enough black sweaters? Every single black item I have, has it own beauty. 

When my eyes see a lovely item in the store, my head is already sending a message ‘Look futher, maybe they have it in black!’
I will admit it, I have to wear more collorful clothes than I do now. But black will always be my favorite.
I don’t wear black because it is ‘simple’ , ‘save’ or ‘easy to combine’. No, I just wear it because I really think it is beaufitul, chic or rough.
There is clearly no shades of black, but there are so many fabrics . I love the different fabrics that make black beautiful. My favorite is definitely leather!
myphoto (4)
myphoto (5)
Lots of love,

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