Mon Fashion Diary: Black and Color


Black and Color

Hi! Yes, I am writing again about black. But this time about black and color. The contrast that black creates is very beautiful to look at. Especially black and a bright color, like red, green or yellow. It it the chic or rough background for the colorful eyecatcher. Black is a good alternative if you are doubting about the color match. Because sometimes it can be a little hard to combine two colors. But… the last years we had the pleasure to welcome the trend; colorblocking. A trend that is still loved. Or hated. Yes there are people who hate it. Most of the colorblocking items are nice, I think. But sometimes you doubt, hmm can I really combine that lovely red jacket with that lila jeans? If the answer is no, you don’t have to always choose black. You can also pick an other color. But I think black makes everything more beautiful. It is the moon that let the sun shine.
People often think that we, the ‘I-nearly-always-wear-black’ people choose for black because it is save. But no, that is not the main reason. I have said it before; Black makes it more beautiful. It let the color shine. Black on black is my favorite, but color on black make a good second one. I love red and black! It makes it so classy! (I don’t wear often polka dot, I must convince that I wear it more than before, but if I do; I combine it with red).
myphoto (4)
myphoto (5)
and  myself! =)
Lots of love,

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